Hi friends, i have seen so many teachers who are working as School Assistants in English subject in Anantapur District are really struggling to open their mouths in english. It is very ridiculous that most of the teacher are not able to make few sentences without any grammatical error, if the condition of the teachers is like this how would we expect quality in the students? Is really the teachers are justifying their jobs? here you people has to excuse me that i am not criticising you but only showing the picture what was happening in most of the school under Government management. Please my dear teachers we are in honourable post, think once if our teachers at our school age were also like so what would be our position today? Hence I am requesting you to improve your basic skills( i.e. LSRW) and provide better eduction for building up of a worthy generations. I agree that i too not have a good command on english language but i can convey what i want to express.
Here are some tips may be help for English Learning aspirants to get command in English Languge which were worked out for me

Listening of english langauge is very much useful as it gives you a primary knowledge of pronounciation, for this,
(1) listen Prime Time NEWS of National Channel (Doordarshan) in english.
(2) attend the seminars (irrespective of subject) where conveyed in english.
(3) listen the speech of the public (i.e., interview, debates etc. in TV shows).

It is one of the main skills in english language, for this people are hurrying to attend the Spoken English Coaching centers, i dont understand that is really useful without practicing? So many came across to my experience by completing their COURSE in spoken english but nothing is changed. It is better to create your own world of speaking in english. How it will be check in the follwing tips.

Some of the cheif contents of this skill are good vocabulary, fluency, usage if you develop these contents then you can open any where your mouth in english without fear. for this you can do the followings,

(A) read aloud all the head lines in the NEWS paper daily (you are speaking very fleuently in your mother tongue but struggling in english why? because you are USING the words of your mother tongue always & very frequently by which the muscular movements of sound creating structures are well adjusted to thosefrequencies. It is common experience to many a persons that they are having a clear idea, correct words to express but the sound may not come out spontaneously from their mouths like as mother tongue. By following this tip you will be overcome from this.

(B) read the Daily paper or any content or any book daily silently and pick few words from it to those you dont know the meaning and use the dictionary for understanding of those words and apply those words in your daily activities. (Dictionary should be English to English only).

(C) Speak yourself: When ever you get some leisure time or when you are in journeying to schools just close your eyes and recall all the things from your wake up and speak yourself in english only. Really it works a lot as so many people hesitate to speak but here no chance for it and more over it is creating a sort of circle yourself for speaking and practicing your language.

(D) Play the cross words in english which will improve your vocabulary.

(E) read the children stories which will help you how to use simple sentences.

(F) read the academic text books in english which improvise your vocabulary and terminology of the subjects and social words.

if you follow the tips with determination definately you will be incredible within 3 months. BEST OF LUCK